Empowering individuals to take charge of their own 
JSE equity investment decisions

Our mission is to provide information, education and guidance to our investors who have accepted the challenge of creating wealth by forming and managing a portfolio of JSE listed equity of shares.

The DIY Portfolio Management Programme:

There are five parts to this program:

  1. Knowledge, which contains our manual, research notes and processes
  2. Database, which contains portfolio management calculators, models, market and company information

  3. Sundries, which contain buzzes, market and hedgehog feedbacks, the latest Newsflash and other sundry information
  4. Portfolios, which contain over 120 real live portfolios totaling over R500m

  5. Workshops, which explain the programme and provide a forum for discussion

Focusing on 4 areas:

  1. The JSE equities market
  2. The shares listed on the JSE

  3. The construction and selection of portfolios of JSE equity shares
  4. The management of JSE equity portfolios